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May 17

  • Posted on May 17, 2011 at 1:44 pm

I think one of the most helpless things I can think of is having a sick child. V has had a 100+ temperature on and off since Friday. She says she feels ok, but if I tried to send her to school I am sure they would call me and say, please come pick her up. I know it is just a cold, but I still hate the feeling that there is really thinking I can do, but give her meds and cuddle with her.

Not enjoying my week away from my husband. I never sleep while he is away. I know he is enjoying his time learning about wine, but I am not…hehe What is really hard about all this is that I only get to talk to him via text for a few minutes each day too. He is so busy in classes and studying that I hardly get to talk to him. He gets up after I leave for work and does get out of classes until the kids are in bed. Thank God this is only for a week, because I think I would go crazy if it was longer than that. Say a prayer for him that he will do well in his class 🙂

Are we ever going to have Spring in Upstate NY. It is still cold, rainy, etc. I want Spring …. 75 degrees and I want it NOW!